Sampras Femi Robert

Hello People,
I am a curious boy who was born in India, and my desire to explore the world and various forms of life, work, and technology led me to choose Mathematics as my core subject in my bachelor’s degree at Loyola College in Chennai, India.  Meanwhile, I was also actively engaged in my other interests, which included graphic design, attending and leading workshops, sports, community service, and learning about new technologies in the world. I also served as an office bearer in my department during bachelors.

Then came Covid, and I was bored. So, in the time between my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I decided to work and gain some experience. So I began working as an Accounts Receivable Specialist at AGS Health pvt. Ltd, a revenue cycle management company based in the United States, in Chennai, India. And my curiosity and passion for international business studies led me to choose Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic, for a Masters in Business Economics and Management.

And then I began to explore Europe by visiting different countries and people, and then I learned about Erasmus + projects and began to participate in them, which gave me a lot of skills, and then I began to work on Business Gate, where we work on real-time business projects, and then I volunteered in European Solidarity Corps, where we work on informal education and skill development of youth and community services.
Life taught me a lot, Every experience had a huge impact in my way of life.