What? Youth exchange

Where? willa Austryjok , Poronin, Poland

When? 11-18.03.2024

Partner countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland

Participants: 11 per national team + leaders

Age of participants: 15-17 years old, leader – no limit


  During the exchange, participants will promote democratic values by increasing the awareness of young people, local and international communities regarding tolerance. The activities we will undertake as part of the project will be focused on promoting tolerance through the production of short films in which young people will present their perspective on tolerance and this issue. During the exchange, for 8 days we will participate in workshops presented by young people. We will learn about the heritage of Polish, Czech and Hungarian cinema, the basics of a film director’s workshop, we will learn how to write film scripts, how to work with actors, how to edit a film and how to effectively create an important message about tolerance through film production.


We are looking forward to your applications!