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What: Youth Exchange
Where: Poland
Accomodation:  Poronin-Zakopane, Poland, Accommodation
When: 24.03.2023 is arrival day – 31.03.2023 is departure
Number of participants: National team: 12 people including 2 leaders ( 10 participants plus 2 leaders )

Age of participants: 15-18

Countries: Czech Republic, Spain, Poland

Sponsors: Erasmus +


Lots of little people in lots of little places doing lots of little things can change the face of the world! This sentence is the motto of our project, aimed at creating mini-local initiatives that entirely create a portfolio for environmental protection activites. We are inviting young people to implement our idea and solutions which will protect our environment and live happily for many years on the planet Earth. We can formulate our mail goal in one sentence: We want to live in a clean, green Europe which, thanks to the use of young people’s potential, science and new technologies, will be a competitive place to live. Although individual actions seem to be a drop in the ocean of needs, there is no doubt that it is worth communicating good patterns, especially among young people who have a real impact on the shape of the world in a several years.

Pro-ecological attitude and sustainable development are no longer good practices, but the responsibility of each of us. An initiative like ours also deepens the sense of responsibility and allows us to conduct self-control to understand how each of us contributes to environmental degradation and how we can prevent it. Participation in international exchange is undoubtedly a developmental element for young people. It gives opportunities to gain experience, deepening soft skills, which are currently very valuable on the labor market. The most valuable results of the youth projects are the knowledge and skills acquired by the participants. They are the main beneficiaries of the project and at the same time create its added value, developed attitudes and experience will remain with them forever. As a project group, we will also create permanent materials that can be used after the project, such as the publication “Guide for going green” and the song “A Song to Save the Planet”. As part of the dissemination activities, we have planned an on-line event “Earth Day”.

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