I want to be active

International Youth Exchanges

Local volunteering

We are looking for people willing to volunteer on a regular or one-off basis. A volunteer usually does one or more regular activities, usually once a week for 1-2 hours. One-off events are prepared for a longer period of time in advance as a team. Everyone can choose an area that suits them and is their own.

European volunteering

  • Do you want to become a volunteer?
  • Are you 18-25 years old? ➔ We offer you a unique opportunity to go abroad for 2-12 months and work as a volunteer in a non-profit or government organization!

EVS volunteers work full-time and in return are paid for accommodation and meals, insurance, travel costs, any visa and vaccinations and pocket money, which varies from country to country.
Participation in the EVS is free of charge, with costs covered by the European Union.

Volunteers can work in various organisations or associations that focus on areas such as:

  • culture,
  • sport,
  • social care,
  • history,
  • art,
  • protection of the population,
  • ecology,
  • development cooperation and more.

I want to go to Europe

  • We carry out international youth exchanges.
  • If you are between the ages of 13 and 25, you can also get involved.

As part of the exchange, you can:

  • to meet like-minded young people,
  • work on a topic that interests you,
  • to meet new people,
  • get interesting experiences,
  • and learn something new.