Application Form

What: Youth Exchange
Where: Poland
Accomodation: Biały Dunajec –Tatra mountains
When: 27.03.2023 is arrival day – 04.04.2023 is departure

Number of participants: Leader: 2 per national team
Participants: 14 per national team
National team: 16 people (GENDER BALANCE)
Age of leader: no limit , but must be over 18
we recommend teacher, youth worker
Age of participants: 15 – 17

Countries:Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria

Sponsors: Erasmus +


By implementing the project „Let’s make it Greentastic!“ we are aiming for teaching our participants more about the EU and its eco-initiatives and how it functions cross countires. We will teach ourselves and practice
 different techniques of critical thinking and how to be a part of a debate team, how to develop a rough idea into the well-defended argument, how to prepare ourselves and not be anxious about presenting the point in front of the audience.

More info:
– The info-pack for the project can be accessed using the following link:

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