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What: Youth Exchange
Where: Poland
Accomodation: Biały Dunajec
When: 19.03.2023 is arrival day – 27.03.2023 is departure
Number of participants: 10 people including 1-2 leaders ( 8-9 participants plus 1-2 leaders ) –
together 10 people per country
Age of participants: 15-17

Countries: Czech Republic Hungary Slovakia Poland

Sponsors: Erasmus +


Our project promotes civic activity among young people. In the course of our
activities we realized that civic activity, participation in democratic processes brings
tangible benefits to us and to the community in which we live. Our aim is to increase
the level of participation among young people. The project gives us the opportunity to
gain knowledge and skills and exchange experiences with our peers from partner
countries. Our project is an important step in building the civil society, it was initiated
by us – young people and we will implement it.
The main activities of our project is a youth exchange, which will involve 40
participants and leaders from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.
The exchange will take place 19-27.03.2023 in Biały Dunajec – Tatra mountains. The
age of participants is 16-18 years. Participants are socially active people, open to
changes, who want to actively participate in civic life.
The project will contribute to greater involvement of young people in social matters,
increase our awareness of the participation. The group of beneficiaries will expand
thanks to the planned dissemination activities of the project results. In the framework
of the project there will be created such results as mural, promotional spot, film,
publication, radio , broadcast.

More info:
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