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What: ViseGrad
Where: Trnava, Slovakia
Accomodation: Trnava,
When: 01.03.2023 is arrival day – 06.03.2023 is departure
Number of participants: 6 participants + 1 youth leader per country, 17-24 years of age.


Sponsors: Erasmus +


The main activity of the project will be a 6-day long mobility/mentoring program for 7 participants from
Slovakia, 7 from Czechia, 7 from Hungary, and 7 from Poland so a total of 28 participants.
During this mobility several non- formal activities will be carried out, as well as workshops with public.
Learning in this project is aimed to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in socially responsible
activities and that youth active participation is voluntary but needed.

We aim to improve young people’s skills for business life to create a business idea through canvas model based on the topic of social entrepreneurship and upgrade it by the initiative of active young people to share good practices, research, and examples of social to enhance the active participation of project participants during the program to create a common ground for the connection of project participants, mentors, experts, other young people, stakeholders, and partners.

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