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What: Youth Exchange
Where: Poland
Accomodation: Poronin
When: 18.05.2023 is arrival day – 27.05.2023 is departure
Number of participants: Leader: 2 per national team, Participants: 9 per national team, National team: 11 people (GENDER BALANCE), Age of leader: no limit, Age of participants: 15-18

Countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland

Sponsors: Erasmus +


The aim of our exchange is to reach the largest possible group of beneficiaries, both local and European, with the promotion of the Green Order. Based on our common analyzes, we know that the Green Order program is a salvation not only for our environment, but also for the European economy. The economic transformation that
will result from the Green Order is an important link for us, a chance to break out of stagnation, from living in a world where pollution and overproduction of waste causes enormous problems for all of us. The results that will come out from our exchange are a video of the happening about the Green Order, an instructional video, an interview with the MEP – Łukasz Kohut – and special meetings with the local community that will take place after the exchange and which we will promote on the Internet and within the educational and cultural institutions known to us as examples of good practices.

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