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What: Youth Exchange
Where: Italy
Accomodation: Eco Hostel Floreale, a colourful hostel in Ercolano (Herculaneum),
When: 13.04.2023 is arrival day – 22.04.2023 is departure
Number of participants: 7 participants (17 — 25) + 1 team leader (+22):

Countries: Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, Italy

Sponsors: Erasmus +


The project “Imaginarium: step into the Multiverse” aims to promote the exploration of a plurality of worlds, visions and perspectives through art and culture. The idea is to create an environment where young people can imagine and experience different realities, expanding their understanding of the world and the people who inhabit it. The multiverse represents an opportunity to overcome prejudices and barriers that limit us
and to discover new opportunities and possibilities. The project aims to strengthen relationships with European realities active in the field of performing arts, and to promote cultural participation to encourage young people to discover and value cultural diversity through art and creativity.

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