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When: 14.04.2023 is arrival day – 18.04.2023 is departure

What: Training Course
Where: Poland
Accomodation: Milówka
Number of participants: 14 people from each country (12 participants and 2 leaders)

Countries: Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland

Sponsors: Erasmus +


  Ekohero in uniform” is meeting of teenagers from Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic which is based on earlier uniform experiences in other Erasmus+ projects e.g. “Uniform for tolerance” or “Volunteers for the win!” and pandemic situation made vision of new project. We spoke with teenagers and in results we took up the subject of uniformed services who helps society, health protection, important role of uniformed services fighting with epidemic and natural disasters. Target of the project is show that emergency services are Ekoheroes who are people with sense of responsibility for our planet, promoting healthy lifestyle, they are preventing local and global territory from natural threats.  

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