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What: Youth Exchange
Where: Estonia
When: 04.06.2023 is arrival day – 13.06.2023 is departure
Number of participants: 4 participants from each country + 1 leader 15-18 y.o., leader must be 18+

Countries:  Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, The Republic of North Macedonia and Estonia.

Sponsors: Erasmus +


At the age of 15-18, young people begin to explore themselves and their strengths and weaknesses, so they often face problems of self-esteem, non-acceptance of others and searching for their own self. Young people of this age are often very dependent on the opinions of people close to them and society in general, forgetting about their own condition. The project aims to explore the topic of self-esteem and its impact and importance in young people’s lives. At the youth exchange we will talk about topics such as: confidence, how to support yourself, our childhood and the role of nature in mental health.

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