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What: Youth Exchange
Accomodation: Piotrkow Trybunalski in Lodzkie voivodeship.
When: 07.07.2023 is arrival day – 15.07.2023 is departure
Number of participants: The project expects to host for a Youth Exchange 32 participants belonging to
4 partner organisations (Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland) for a period of 7 days in Sulejów, Poland
Each organisation will select 8 participants around 18-25 years old.
Leaders of each national group can be 18-30 years old.
Please ensure gender balance.

Countries: Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland

Sponsors: Erasmus +


Association of the European Institute of Development and our partners from other organizations, we found that young people need expert guidance and a demonstration of the opportunities before them. We want to focus on the opportunities that young people have before they go to college, what value involvement in youth work brings, and what value all these activities add to gaining employment. Volunteer work and active participation in NGOs have a huge impact on the lives and later decisions of young people. The European
Federation for intercultural learning and their research clearly shows, that there is a very strong and positive correlation between involvement in youth organization work and education non-formal education and later employment opportunities for young people.
Even today, one hears some employers complain that schools are not keeping up with educating people in the skills needed in the labor market and are afraid that job candidates lack the skills; soft skills, interpersonal and
communication skills and problem-solving skills. For this reason, employers look favorably on young people’s first and subsequent experiences in various organizations; youth and nonprofit organizations. Employers see jobs in the youth sector as demonstrating and teaching relevant, specialized skills and say that youth involvement in various organizations of this type is a a good predictor of young people’s high
level of motivation and potential, especially when it comes to fitting into a
new company. Participation in non-formal education, not only in the home country, gives young people a much higher level of development of their competencies and skills, especially if we are talking about intercultural communication and learning and actively using foreign languages and the acquisition of
leadership skills. As an NGO, we are convinced that the growth of of these skills is one of the first steps to success in later professional life. Already in Europe we see how many different countries have problems among young people in terms of the level of unemployment. And acquiring sufficiently high
soft skills allows and plays an extremely important role in a later successful
professional career.

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