Český Těšín, Czech Republic – In a remarkable display of technological prowess and international collaboration, Petrklíč help from the Czech Republic, that currently holding the presidency of the European Union, hosted a groundbreaking online event focused on the pivotal role of digital spaces in fostering inclusion and sustainability. The event, held in the virtual realm, brought together experts, policymakers, and enthusiasts, drawing insights from 20 diverse participants, and was graced by the presence of facilitator Petr Kantor.

„Today, we gather in the virtual realm to celebrate a monumental occasion – the online event hosted by the Czech Republic in honor of our presidency of the European Union. In this digital space, we come together from various corners of the globe to explore the transformative power of digital technology in fostering inclusion and sustainability, says Petr Kantor who facilitated program.

The event, held in the spirit of the Czech Republic’s commitment to digital innovation and social progress, delved into the multifaceted ways digital spaces are transforming societies. Roundtable discussions, led by influential figures and experts, explored the core themes of inclusion and sustainability. The event underscored the importance of leveraging digital platforms to create a more inclusive society, ensuring that no one is left behind in the fast-paced digital age.

Inclusion: Bridging Divides Through Digital Connectivity

During the event, participants discussed the power of digital spaces to bridge geographical, cultural, and social divides. With digital platforms, individuals can connect across borders, enabling the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge. The speakers highlighted the significance of online spaces in fostering dialogue between different communities, ensuring that diverse voices are heard, respected, and valued.

Sampras Femi Robert, youth worker emphasized the need for accessible and user-friendly digital interfaces. He shared insights on how technology can empower marginalized communities, providing them with a platform to voice their concerns, share their stories, and actively participate in public discourse.

Sustainability: Nurturing a Greener Future Through Digital Innovation

The event also delved into the pivotal role of digital spaces in promoting sustainability and environmental conservation. Experts highlighted innovative approaches such as gamification, educational podcasts, and community-driven initiatives that leverage digital technology to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage sustainable practices.

Participants discussed the importance of responsible digital practices, emphasizing the need for eco-friendly technology solutions and promoting digital literacy to ensure that individuals can make informed choices that contribute to a greener future.

Looking Ahead: A Digitally Inclusive and Sustainable Europe

As the online event concluded, participants and speakers alike expressed optimism about the future of a digitally inclusive and sustainable Europe. The event served as a testament to the Czech Republic’s commitment to harnessing digital spaces for social good and as a catalyst for positive change. The discussions and insights shared during this event are poised to inspire further initiatives, encouraging collaborative efforts at the European level to build a more inclusive, sustainable, and connected future for all.

“Our discussions on sustainability have illuminated the innovative ways in which digital technology can contribute to environmental conservation. By harnessing the power of digital spaces, we can raise awareness about climate change, promote eco-friendly practices, and drive collective action towards a greener future, says Katarina Klusová who led one of the round table.

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