What? Training course

When? Arrival day on April 22, 2024 – Departure on April 30, 2024 

Where? Sarón, Cantabria, in Spain

Who? 8 youth worker over 18 years old, who work on a daily basis with youngsters with addictions. 


Recognizing the social impact of young people’s drug addiction, the S TAR project takes a
holistic approach. By raising awareness and fostering a supportive culture, the project is offering
education and training, conduct workshops and conferences, aiming to address such
challenges like social exclusion, improving inclusion, and elevating the quality of youth work.

The project also emphasizes empowering youth workers with a practical S TAR F r a me w o r k
based on current research to effectively tackle youth addiction.

The learning objectives of this Course are:
– Engage youth workers and youngsters in acquiring knowledge to identify, work and prevent
– Acquire the bio-psycho-social-spiritual integrative model used for addressing addictions
– Collaborate on creating initiatives to support youth in preventing addictions
– Share personal stories as a powerful way to raise awareness about addiction and break
down social stigma against addicts