What? Youth exchange

When? 6-14.05.2024

Where? Poronin, Poland

Who? 9 participants (15-17 years old) plus 1 leader in each partner group


We feel very close to the theme of this project. Activities of ecology supporting nature are deemed essential for us all – participants, our organizations and also the environments which we live in. We are determined to enhance the ecological awareness, the acquisition of relevant knowledge and skills in this field. Our project will manifest the ecology lesson in its practical sense – the lesson created and then run solely by ourselves. We are entirely committed through the means of unity in partnership into this project and we set the transparent goals for everyone’s achievement.

The international youth exchange project will be scheduled and undertaken during the period from 6-14.05.2024 in Tatra mountains. It will be attended by 40 young representatives and leaders hailing from North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania and Poland, with participants’ age ranging between 15 and 17 years. We will rely on the methods of informal education, namely discussions, debates, workshops, meetings, presentations, encounters with nature, intercultural games and fun activities, cooperation with local community, happening, initiative to clean up the world, evaluation sessions.

This project will result in positive influence on our ecological awareness – with all the knowledge acquired, the experiences gained and the contacts established it will contribute to extra accountability and interest in the environmental matters. The project will enable us to develop key competences and generate more involvement in the community life and social affairs. The activities carried out within the framework of this project will yield valuable materials of educational nature meant for dissemination and expanding the base of recipients. The other merit outputs of our project will comprise film, publication, workshops, happening and eco knowledge competition.

Partners: Eco Logic (North Macedonia), Centrum pro podporu podnikání a zaměstnanosti, z.ú. (Czechia), Asociatia 21st Greentury  (Romania), Stowarzyszenie Integrator (Poland) – hosting organization