When? May, 2024 -May, 2025

Where? Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Who: 18-30 years old volunteers resident in EU member countries

Hosting Organisation: SMOKINYA



Topics: youth work, teamwork, leadership, digital competences, self-reflection, project management, environment

You will be supervised and mentored in a way to set your own goals and learn, practice, develop and master some important life skills and competencies like: team work, cooperation, learning to learn, time management, communication and coaching skills, project initiation from A to Z and much more!
We want to train you in the things you are passionate about so you can learn much and grow personally and professionally.

Profile of participants
• 18-29 years old
• unemployed
• in transition between two educational levels or career paths
• willing invest 12 months in developing personal and professional skills

During this year you will be full-time volunteers having a schedule of 38 hours per week.
Days off – volunteers get two consecutive free days per week + two extra days of holiday per month. In case that volunteer is working extra hours, they have right to get these hours compensated.