Where: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

When:  ASAP –  20 May 2024

Who: 18-30 years old volunteers resident in EU member countries

Hosting Organisation: SMOKINYA

Applications deadline:   ASAP



What do you do?

• Support our everyday work in the office (development of activities, projects, events, school visits, coordination)
• Design and build youth social hub in Plovdiv
• Workload distribution: 60% office work, 30% field work, 10% workshop and training participation

What do you get?

• be introduced to the organisation and will be trained how we work
• get valuable experience in living and volunteering abroad
• learn each different aspect of an organisation and how it works
• contact and connect with other international volunteers
• learn about, contact and cooperate with local schools and universities
• support our administrative work
• get trained in organising an event and organise your own

By helping us and doing all above you will practice important skills and competences like:

• networking and support of local NGOs
• organisation of events – workshops, trainings, seminars, public events, discussions
• meeting local youth and promotion of mobility opportunities in EU
• informal language classes to local youth
• promotion of volunteering (European Solidarity Corps, Erasmus+ and Smokinya Foundation)
• promotion of non-formal education, lifelong learning
• media project (social networks, webpage, blog writing, visits in schools, universities, youth centres and organisations)
• project management and coordination
• project design and writing
• leadership
• cooperation
• problem solving
• critical thinking
• strategic planning and more!