What? Youth exchange (Artistic residency)

When? 6th August to 28th August 2024

Where? Menet, France

Who? 6 participants from Czech Republic (You also can be a foreigner or refugee living in the Czech Republic) 18-30 years old

Hosting Organization: Euroculture en Pays Gentiane


The youth exchange project ” Water from life to death” will take place from the 6th August (arrival) to the 28th of August(departure) in MENET, a small village of the volcanic mountains of Auvergne with 500 inhabitants. It is an initiative set up in the frame work of European Union program ERASMUS+ , leaded by Euroculture en Pays Gentiane and involving 7 partner organizations involved. European Union and local funds allow us to welcome you during three weeks, covering accommodation, foods and activities costs and a part of transport costs(cf. travel refund).
This project put together 56 young people aged from 18 to 30 years old and coming from Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey and Spain. Each group of participants have to be composed by 6 participants/young people (less than 30 years old)+1 leader (who can be over 30 years old). To joining, you can be a citizen from a partner’s country organization through your nationality or any kind of proof of residency in that country (foreigners, refugees, etc. are more than welcome.
We will be accommodated in 2024 in 2 locations with rooms receiving each 2 to 4 people. Activity rooms, kitchen, living room are all side by side, in the village center and we have fresh and high-quality food prepared by professional cookers.
The local impact is a very important dimension of the project. We have to take it into account in our common strategies and the results will be shared during the youth exchange through public events with projections/debates, intercultural night, performances, screening, in partnership with local associations and events. Our final creation will be presented in Menet. Documentation, dissemination, valorization is also made through social networks, through our web-platform and continued through actions in Auvergne and in each participating countries, after the project.

– Multiple learnings outcomes, new skills, knowledge
– Develop mutual understanding and respect
– Stage experience
– Better knowledge of the Erasmus+ mobility programs
-International network of friends and professionals
– Grow your citizen awareness to new tools and methods to act developing your society
– New awareness generated confronting ourselves with different positive cases
– New methods and activities based especially on artistic practices and expressions, to be spread among your communities.