Irakli Iagorashvili

Hello. My name is Irakli Iagorashvili. I was born and raised in the Republic of Georgia. The development process and the new life of Georgia started 4 years after I was born, so I had an opportunity to live in a fast-developing country that strived to become a part of the European Family.

Such an atmosphere enabled me to think more not about safety and daily living issues (like the past generations), but self-development and long-range goals. I had a view about my future life and career, and that’s how I came to this point today. I have already graduated from Ilia State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. During this period I also attended courses at the University of Glasgow (UK) and Castleton University (USA) and expanded my knowledge in various fields.

In my career, I have different directions, such as media literacy, philosophy, politics, and social activism. I love the things I do and am always seeking to achieve more. Mostly I enjoy the teaching process. I love giving lectures to different youth audiences, discussing with them important issues, and coming up with conclusions.

I use teaching opportunities to give young people new knowledge, but I also try to empower them to become productive, rational, and active-minded individuals.

In the future, I am going to proudly continue my work with more knowledge, more connections, and of course much more experience, which I will receive during my time in the Czech Republic. For me, volunteering is a learning process, which enables you to get new knowledge, fully express yourself, and share your experience with others.

During the normal job, such things sometimes are impossible as you are under strict limitations and structure, while during volunteering you are more flexible and welcomed by others to have your ideas and plans.

I have been volunteering since I was 13 and throughout these years I have received both spiritual and material values from this process. Mostly I have been volunteering as a peer educator and such experience paved my way to becoming a skillful educator.

Indeed, volunteering is not connected to a high salary, but from my experience, I can say for sure that properly selected volunteering opportunities can give you more value than the salary from a regular job, which sometimes is not in your real interest. It is such experience (proper volunteering) that can make you competitive for appreciated and successful positions in the future.

There are several reasons why I applied to be a volunteer. First of all, I like the activities that my hosting organization Petrklíč Help has been doing so far, so I wanted to be a part of it and gain knowledge and experience of how an experienced organization does things, how they manage time, and both human and material resources, how they overcome the daily barriers.

I have my educational organization as well, so I think being here for a while will give me an image of how to run my organization in the best ways, how to achieve maximum success and how to easily solve any barriers I face in the future. I also wanted to make new connections and widen my imagination by living in a new country and traveling around. I think the value of living abroad is that you learn how to live independently and therefore you learn how important the sense of responsibility is. I hope I will achieve what I have set as a goal, and also want to thank my sending and hosting organizations ProActive Group Georgia and Petrklíč Help for this opportunity and their trust. 

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