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The aim of the project is to increase the real influence of youth in the medium and long term. The project is aimed at developing permanent synergies of the youth sector with the area of research and analysis as well as system solutions supporting the participation of young people. The aim is also to popularize the organizational and planning role of youth. The goal is to solve the problem of the weak representation of young people with fewer opportunities in active participation.
The project will incubate new youth entities through systemic support and the personal development of young participants. Youth, supported by experts, will prepare development strategies for their regions, and within the framework of networking, for the Europe. People working with young people, through the educational cycle, will be able to create new support units on the basis of developed good practices. Young people with fewer opportunities will receive special support to ensure a real impact in the activities.

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project_presentation first_meeting R1 Management Cost R2 Youth Think Tank R3 Best practices (guide) R4 Methods Youth inclusion   The main result will be new think tanks, managed and created by young people. Their goal will be to develop long-term strategies and support youth participation at regional and international levels. The results will be multiplied through educational tools: a good practice toolkit, an online course and study visits. The supporting measure will be the development of innovative solutions for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and their dissemination.

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Realizace 1.1.-2023- 31.10.2024
Dotace 15000
Číslo 2022-1-PL01-KA220-YOU-0000877471




Leading organisation Fundacja Europejskich Inicjatyw na Śląsku
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Fundacja Europejskich Inicjatyw na Śląsku