Eurodesk enables, within its information network operating in 36 countries

We facilitate easy and fast access to information about mobilities and educational programs for young people and youth workers.

What information do we provide

Where to find our information

  1. At our office at Smetanově 9 in Český Těšín from 10:00 to 15:00.
  2. On the Czech Eurodesk website:;
  3. On Facebook And on Instagram at Eurodesk_CZ;
  4. On the European Youth Portal:;
  5. In the printed bulletin Mozaika: distributed for free throughout the Czech Republic;
  6. In the Eurodesk newsletter: sent electronically for free throughout the Czech Republic, you can register through the section Newsletter;
  7. In publications that we release annually;
  8. On the European Eurodesk website: