Represents regular activities where young people from Polish and Czech Těšín prepare for voluntary work in the local community. Within the program, they familiarize themselves with civic initiatives, city activities, and each other.

They undergo training to qualify for the desired volunteer work. They reflect on the performed volunteer activities. They seek new approaches that support their creativity and entrepreneurship. They become partners with local authorities. As part of the regular activities, we include regular four-hour Friday meetings held in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to express their opinions.

Thanks to the volunteer center, we strengthen relationships among Czech-Polish young people around the topic of volunteering.

As a result, today they visit each other and spend their free time together. We have supported Czech-Polish cooperation among non-profit organizations on the topic of volunteering, as representatives of these organizations are now accustomed to coming to us and presenting their activities for which they need volunteer work. We have also engaged volunteers from the European Voluntary Service program in Czech-Polish language animations and in organizing events such as Tea Festival, Outdoor Film Festival, or Snow Film Fest. Additionally, we have involved volunteer groups in the public life of both Czech Těšín and Těšín.