The Tea Festival is a multicultural festival that has been held regularly in Těšín since 2009. Visitors can look forward to a wide range of tea tastings prepared by tea masters from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, workshops, concerts and travel meetings, guided by the greatest enthusiasts.

Meeting across borders, festival overcoming differences

Discover the diversity of the world of tea, the variety of its flavours, aromas and colours. Tea is a beverage that warms the heart, where the meeting begins. This encounter is a conversation, an exchange of views, ideas, the curiosities of the world. The feast of tea comes from the need to look at oneself and the other person, to share one’s passion, to share what is important.

More than tea

The culture of drinking tea, art, engagement with the world, empathy towards others, personal development – these are the elements that we combine in the preparation of the programme of each year’s festival. Every year we invite tea masters, artists, craftsmen, enthusiastic people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience during workshops, lectures and discussions.

Be the change you want to see in the world

The festival is based on the idea of openness towards other people and mutual respect. We want to create a space where everyone feels safe and at ease. As part of the festival we are organising a Living Library. We cater to the needs of people with disabilities.

Our planet is our home

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to care for the well-being of the planet, so we introduce and promote eco-friendly activities. During the festival we organize workshops on recycling and zero waste management. We are a plastic-free festival. In order to reduce the amount of waste, each participant receives a ceramic tea tasting bowl with their ticket.

Across the border

The festival takes place on Castle Hill in Těšín

Těšín is a city full of charm, surrounded by mountains, located on the Polish-Czech border; it is a meeting place of countries and cultures. It’s worth visiting, especially in June when Castle Hill turns green, and flowers bloom. Here, on the border, citizens from different countries can meet over a cup of good tea and talk about what unites them.

Come and take a look

Participating in the festival will allow you to experience a unique atmosphere full of joy, openness, and warmth. You will immerse yourself in the taste and aroma of the finest teas. It will be a time for relaxation and recharging with positive energy. You will meet enthusiastic people. A variety of tastings, workshops, concerts, and artistic events await you. See you in Těšín!

We look forward to welcoming you to the traditional venue – the courtyard of Cieszyn Castle!