Talking about leadership, many programmes run by youth organisations and workers focus on the how-to of leadership: how to lead a group of young people, how to influence others, how to convince others to follow. There is an external focus on leadership, based on the assumption that leadership is directed outwards.

  • So why do some young workers succeed in motivating the group while others fail to motivate the group at all?
  • What are the reasons that some groups can go on day hikes and camp under the stars, while others can hardly be persuaded to do a few hours workshop?

To identify key personal characteristics, explore aspects of effective inner leadership, the roots of inner leadership in youth work, how youth workers adjust and create their “inner compass” to empower them in this area of work, the Monomyths Association designed a project on self-leadership and positive intelligence.

Petrklíč help is a partner of this project.


The project has three phases:

  1. Find your inner leader
  2. Become a better leader
  3. Lead the future

The professional development objectives are aimed at 27 youth workers (skills, knowledge and tools) from 9 European non-profit youth organisations (Greece, Spain, Northern Macedonia, Lithuania, Poland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania) to become effective and constructive leaders of their organisations and exchange best leadership practices through an intensive training course to be organised in May 2021. In addition, the project promotes peer learning between 9 youth NGOs and provides them with the opportunity to identify and learn best practices in 8 Member States and North Macedonia.