The Incubator is a project that designs community-based youth work in each country and empowers young people by helping them to implement projects. The project will build the capacity of partners to engage in all areas from local to European and allow partners who are new to transnational work to experience the value of this form of learning.

Project objectives

– develop a local youth system to help young people develop their projects and implement them in their community

– develop entrepreneurship among young people and provide them with the tools to create their own future in their countries

– to significantly help individual participants and partners with skills, expertise and knowledge

– to share best practices among partners and, through active dissemination, with a wider audience

Study visits

Introducing participants to the experiences, problems and best practices of host organisations in the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia and Slovakia. Informing the project team with expectations for project work with young people. Recognition of problems and challenges of the organisations by the participants and finding methods to overcome them.

Study visits

→ best practice guide

a) share and present good examples of young people’s involvement in the community

b) create and provide tools that help to create – incubate projects

c) to provide participants with the impetus and the necessary knowledge

d) teach participants to understand what the problems and issues are and how to find solutions

e) to work practically in teams for different community projects

f) prepare the writing process by developing the ideas of the youth

g) to think about the organisation of online work

3 months of work online

→ implementation of the community project by local participants

a) develop international communication between youth communities in order to establish local community projects

b) during this period, different teams will collaborate online through different means of communication

c) test different tools that can help young people to develop local community projects, their involvement

d) meeting in the country that implemented the project to present tools, best practices and piloting

International meeting

→ presentation of work

a) discuss the publication of the best practice guide online

b) discuss project issues

c) present the results of the online work after each study visit as an international team to other participants, as well as to local community members and decision makers

Implementation by local communities with the assistance of our participants

→ list of tools

(a) to provide participants with the necessary tools to transfer their knowledge and guide others through the process to develop this type of project

b) In addition, an online conference on evaluation will be organized to highlight the implementation of different projects in order to exchange information on the results and impacts on the community

ACTIVITIES Study visits 14-17 April 2021 Czech Republic 9-12 December 2021 Poland 12-15 August 2022 Estonia 15-18 August 2023 Slovakia Project meetings 7-10 April 2021 Organizational meetings 6-9 August 2021 Presentation of the conclusions of the study visit in the Czech Republic 13. 4-16-2022 presentation of conclusions of the study visit to Poland 15-18-12-2022 presentation of conclusions of the study visit to Estonia 15-18-8-2023 presentation of conclusions of the study visit to Slovakia

Project results