Volunteer programme

In particular, our aim is to encourage the connection between the young and the older generation and to increase the participation of young people in the community centre. We will organise travel, language, creative and environmental workshops. The activities will be led by Erasmus+ volunteers living in the Heimstaden apartment. The event will create a friendly space where a complete stranger from the next apartment has the chance to turn into a neighbour. At the workshops, people can meet people they know and strangers, talk about what’s happening in their neighbourhood, about important or quite mundane things. Coming together at a community center is a great opportunity to revive or re-build neighborhood and intergenerational relationships. And through activities to rediscover neighborhood and intergenerational togetherness.

Project objectives

Within the annual plan, we expect to involve 5 Erasmus+ volunteers. We will involve volunteers for a minimum of 20 hours each month and organise at least 1 event per month. The funds are to cover the living expenses of the Erasmus+ volunteers involved in KC Archa programmes. We will use the grant to cover the rent for the heimstaden apartment between September 2020 and December 2022.

Project details

Implementation Karviná
Subsidy 106 000 Kč
Leading organisation Petrklíč help, z.s.
Subsidy provider