Ksenia Arnaut

I am a performer with experience in theater, film and education. I was born and raised in Ukraine.
I studied performing arts at the bachelor’s and master’s level in Lviv, where I honed my skills as an actress. I also taught at a children’s art school and started working in the field of art with people with disabilities. However, with the outbreak of a full-scale war launched by russia against Ukraine, I moved to the Czech Republic, where I was able to continue my creative pursuits, study and volunteer for the Ukrainian army. I had the opportunity to do an internship at DAMU in Prague, where I participated in the Alternative and Puppet Theater program. This experience allowed me to explore new techniques and approaches to performance.
My passion for creating original performances also motivated me to explore new and non-traditional forms of expression, as well as to learn about the possibilities of using the methods used in theater for social work with different groups of people. Starting my ESC volunteering at Petrklichelp gives me the opportunity to gain new experience and continue my studies in a “learning by doing” mode.

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