The power of good will 3.0

Petrklíč help z.s.’s for almost 18 years has been implementing non-formal education methods in youthwork when it comes to Human rights topics applied through the organization of events including Human rights documentary film festival, Youth exchanges, weekend youth events, Youth Councils. Theme of multiculturality and community development has been cultivated through involvement of young people in organization of the festivals like Cinema on border and The Tea Festival focusing on personal development and promoting healthy lifestyle, tolerance towards other cultures, and respect towards nature, multicultural workshops at Primary and high schools, et


We are looking for volunteers with no gender, religions or sexuality restrictions. Our main demand is for young responsible people with need for self-fulfilment, self-development and learning. We hope that volunteer is a person who has a positive attitude and interest in being active with motivation to invest time for ideas development as well as dynamic implementation.

Aplication form – we are currently in fall capacity

“Financováno Evropskou unií. Vyjádřené názory a stanoviska však představují názory a stanoviska autorů a nemusí nutně odrážet názory a stanoviska Evropské unie nebo Domů zahraniční spolupráce. Evropská unie ani poskytovatel grantu za ně nenesou odpovědnost”.

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Implementation 1.6.2023 - 31.5. 2025
Subsidy 73173 Eur
Number 2023-1-CZ01-ESC51-VTJ-000130955

Czech Republic

Leading organisation Petrklíč help, z.s.