Project results

S.O.S. : Strengthening our support

The project results include:
  • increased social cohesion, improved mental health, enhanced employability, and economic inclusion of long-term Ukrainian migrants.
  • enhanced confidence in the youth workers’ abilities to support the evolved needs of refugees.
  • our partnership’s developed capacity to work with diverse groups, improved visibility, and presence.
  • a positive impact on society by empowering tolerance, inclusion, engagement, and connection between all of its communities.

Creative digital space

Do you want to hold a meaningful digital space to foster participation while sparking creative thinking and expression? Do you wish to support your leading and developing initiative with digital tools? How to integrate digital spaces in tools in the learning experience? Check our resources!  

Think tanks – chance for Youth – correct one

With our comprehensive eBook on inclusion, you will embark on a journey towards understanding and embracing diversity. The guide provides information and practical advice for creating a more inclusive environment in work, education and volunteering, especially in youth organisations. Whether you are a non-profit organization leader, a member of an organization, a volunteer, or just interested in the topic of inclusion, this eBook will provide you with knowledge and strategies that can be applied in a variety of settings. INCLUSION EBOOK Other results: CZECHIA REGIONAL STRATEGY Case Study: Mosaic Minds Youth Think Tank, Petrklič help, CZ